CCcam(Oscam) Web Manager 2.0

    CCcam(Oscam) Web Manager 2.0

    CCcam(Oscam) Web Manager 2.0

    1. Copy the contents of the time the user's home.

    2. Edit the config file and set:

    root_pass = "your_root_password" -> Set the root password
    user = "development" -> Putting the user of linux
    pass = "password" -> Set the user password linux
    group = "development" -> Set the time the user group

    Before you run the installer installed unrar:

    sudo apt-get install unrar

    3. Run the installer as root.

    4. Open the browser and go to your_ip_or_your_domain/manager
    User: root
    Pass: root

    5. First thing to do inside the manager has set the ip of the server, then:
    - Menu server manager -> edit and set the correct ip of the manager.

    6. Set the server cccam config, then:
    - CCcam Menu Manager -> Setup -> edit and add what is right for you.

    Let the configuration oscam:

    Before completing oscam is necessary to insert in the config manager, so:

    - OSCAM Menu Manager -> Config Manager -> Click on the + symbol to add the config, remember to set the device id already Smargo for the moment the manager you can not edit and you have to do it by hand.
    - Just added to bring the menu config compile oscam:

    Oscam Name: tvsat
    Revision: 3146 -> there by default if the product versions you want to compile the latest stable versions of the review makes you want to
    Pkg path: / usr / local / etc / tvsat -> is so important to always put the name of the folder will be created which will then tvsat config
    Webif: yes -> If you want to enable webif
    SmartReader: yes -> If you want to enable USB natively
    Pcsc: no -> If you want to enable pcsc
    Select Config File: tvsat -> Select config that is right for you
    Add On Emu Panel: -> If selected, adds nem Emu Menu Manager -> Emu Monitor button to start and stop the emu
    Compile On Server: -> Select does not work if not always

    If everything is right now going in the Emu you monitor the status online and offline.
    Just below you can start or stop the cam.

    Important to change the root password of the manager as follows:

    - Go youserver/phpmyadmin
    - Logging
    - The table tb_manager_user
    - Edit the user root and set in usr_password SH1 encryption and enter your new password.